Perfect if you are keen to see if flying is for you, or as a memorable gift for someone special. You will get to take control of an aircraft under the supervision one of our qualified instructors. All aircraft have fully functioning dual controls.

You can book a flight by giving us a call, or, you can book here.

Online purchases will be completed as a gift voucher (valid 6 months).

Includes a pre-flight briefing and a 20 min flight. Total time 1 hr.


One Person Trial flight - $95

This Trial flight is for a single person to experience flight in either our Cessna or Piper two-seater aircraft.

The candidate will learn how to control the aircraft with guidance from one of our Instructors.

rqa landing.jpg

Three Person Trial Flight - $125

This Trial Flight is for three people to experience flight in our Cessna 172.

One person will get to fly the aircraft from the front with an instructor while two others can enjoy the ride from the back. 


Aerobatics Experience flight - $125

See the Town from up-side down

Experience the thrill of aerobatics in our Cessna 152 Aerobat on a 20 minute Trial Flight.

Bookings subject to aircraft and pilot availability.