Training Aircraft

Here at Wanganui Aeroclub we have several training aircraft available to suit your requirements. Our aircraft are also available to hire to Aeroclub members.


Cessna C150H

Cessna C150

Our Cessna C150 is our most recent addition to our fleet. This aircraft is perfect for affordable training towards your Private or Commercial  licence. 

Engine - 100 HP Lycoming

Cruise  - 90 Kts

Seats  - 2

Cessna C150 Flight Packages and Rates.



Piper Tomahawk

This Piper Tomahawk is our heritage trainer, with over 20 years serving the Wanganui Aero Club. This is a classic trainer affording 360 degree visibility which is paramount, especially for beginner pilots. This Tomahawk is a great plane to fly with awesome handling.

Engine - 112 HP Lycoming

Cruise  - 100 Kts

Seats  - 2

Tomahawk Training Rates and Flight Packages

Cessna 172

Cessna 172S

Our Cessna 172 is a 4 seat aircraft, ideal for training, ratings or for private hire to take family or friends flying. It is a newer model aircraft which is fitted with a ballistic parachute for extra safety.

Engine - 180 HP Textron Lycoming

Cruise  - 110 Kts

Seats  - 4

Cessna Training Rates and Flight Packages